Northern Safety Network Yukon

COR® Equivalency Program

Out of Territory/Province COR® Summary

If you already have COR® certification from another Province or Territory, then please follow the COR® Equivalency process, listed below.

NSNY is a member of the Canadian Federation of Safety Associations (CFCSA) and can only grant COR® Equivalency to companies with COR® from these approved organizations.

Please note that we are unable to grant COR® Equivalency to companies that use ENFORM COR audits.

COR® Equivalency Letter

COR® Equivalency is for employers that have attained COR® status in another jurisdiction and would like to apply for equivalency to the Yukon COR® program in order to bid on tenders. Once a worksite has been set up in Yukon, the COR® Equivalency holder must complete the Yukon COR® process. COR® Equivalency holders who fail to complete the COR® process and have had an active worksite in Yukon will have a one year wait period to reapply to the program.

COR® Equivalency Letter Process

Step 1

Submit all required documentation listed below to the COR® Coordinator:

  1. The COR® Equivalency application form
  2. A copy of your COR® certificate from your home jurisdiction
  3. A Letter of Good Standing from your construction safety association regarding the company's COR® standing in your home jurisdiction
  4. A self audit checklist performed by the company on Element 15 (Yukon Supplement) – Part A: Health & Safety Committee/Representative, Part B: Return to Work, Part C: Workplace Violence & Harassment Prevention.

Once the above has been reviewed and approved, NSNY will issue a COR® Equivalency letter valid up to a 6 month period or until the expiration date specified on the Letter of Good Standing from the applicant company’s home jurisdiction (if expiring earlier than 6 months).

Please allow 2-4 weeks for your application to be reviewed.

Step 2

Once a work site and/or WSCB account is established in Yukon, the applicant company must complete the required COR training.

The employee taking the training on behalf of the company must be a full-time (regular or permanent) Yukon site employee. An employee is deemed to be full-time (regular or permanent) when he/she is employed in a continuous capacity for the COR® company. This individual's name must appear on the company's payroll and be covered by the firm's WSCB account. Please contact NSNY for further information if required.

Step 3

Once the company has met the COR® training requirements, an external audit must be arranged. The audit must be performed within 60 days of establishing a Yukon work site. If the audit is successful, a three year Yukon COR® may be issued. For those employers that achieve the Certificate of Recognition in Yukon, they are required to maintain their COR® according to NSNY requirements.

COR® Equivalency Extensions

If an employer has not had any work in Yukon during the time of their original COR® Equivalency they may be eligible for an extension. To apply for an extension, an employer must submit:

  • An up-to-date copy of their Letter of Good Standing from their home jurisdiction
  • A letter confirming that they have had no work in Yukon during the time of their original COR® Equivalency.
  • NSNY may request that these letters be notarized.

For the companies applying for an extension to a COR® Equivalency, only ONE extension will be granted on the condition that the company did not have an active worksite in Yukon to audit during the time the COR® Equivalency was active. Extensions may be granted for a maximum of 180 days. Once the COR® Equivalency extension has expired, the company must re-apply to the program to receive another COR® Equivalency.

Contact the COR® Coordinator to request an extension.